Roof Cleaning CertificationThere are several ways to clean a roof here in Southwest Florida. Unfortunately most methods are not beneficial to the effectiveness and durability of your roof. Your roof is one of the most expensive components of your house to repair or replace.

Any type of pressure washing on shingles literally sprays off 10-15 years off the life of your roof. The high pressure removes most of the granules of the shingle and usually voids the roof’s warranty. Pressure washing on tile roofs is just as damaging. The high pressure actually shifts the tiles out of place or cracks them.

Walking on the tiles almost always produce cracked or broken tiles. Surface cleaners, water brooms or any type of “low pressure” washing is still pressure washing and very harmful to the life of your roof.

We at Under Pressure strictly use only Roof Cleaning Institute of America approved techniques to clean roofs. We do not use “high pressure” or “low pressure” washing on roofs. We clean with no pressure applied to the roof. Also, we usually don’t even step a foot on roofs to maintain the integrity of the roof.

The products applied to the roof do the work for us. They even continue to work after we drive away. Every time it rains your roof will get cleaner and release a protective barrier from the algae that actually stains your roof. These methods have been tested and used for several years and thousands of roofs and has been proven the best and most effective.