Why Choose Under Pressure Cleaning

“Consumer Friendly”
Roof Cleaning & Power Washing

We at Under Pressure strive to provide excellent customer service. We believe that if we leave a home without the homeowner completely excited and satisfied with the results of our work including roof cleaning and pressure washing, we have not finished our job. We are so sure you will be completely satisfied that we provide a complimentary 2 year warranty on all roof cleanings and driveway sealings.

We make sure every expectation is met every time and stand by the work that we perform. We want you to brag to your friends and families about how pleased you are with the roof cleaning and pressure washing final product we have provided. We love referrals!

“Earth Friendly”
Roof Washing & Pressure Washing

Living in this day and age, everybody knows how precious and scarce our Earth’s natural resources are. We at Under Pressure demand that our policies and techniques follow the safest routes to protecting Mother Nature. When chemicals are used to enhance and speed up the cleaning process in roof cleaning, pressure washing and power washing, we go the extra mile to ensure that we use ONLY biodegradable materials that are environmentally friendly.